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Lyre's - Aperitif Rosso

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Impossibly produced non-alcoholic spirit - Aperitif Rosso. This unique spirit has been handcrafted to capture the essence of an aromatic vermouth Rosso with distinctive and modern flavors. Lyre's spirits have their own distinction as a premium, non-alcoholic beverage.

Add premium tonic water, Lyre's Italian Orange and Lyre's Aperitif Rosso and you have a delicious Americano. If you want to impress, stir over ice with Lyre's American Malt and a dash of bitters for a delicious Lyre's Manhattan. Spirits!

Non-alcohol spirits
Alcohol content 0,0% vol.
Calories 100ml 252kJ / 59kcal
Allergen Information Vegan, Milk-Free, Nut-Free, Egg-Free
Producer Lyre's
Region New South Wales
Flavor Blood orange and vanilla take center stage, followed by caramel, citrus pulp and cocoa
Ingredients Water, non-alcoholic fermented grape juice concentrate, sugar, natural flavouring, black carrot juice, preservative (postassium sorbate), stabilizer (cellulose gum (E466),
Storage Refrigerate after opening and use within 12 weeks