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Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Company

Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Company - Lyserod

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Sparkling Tea is a new innovative beverage category developed by Danish award winner and sommelier Jabob Kocemba. The exclusive taste is achieved with carefully selected teas with organic ingredients. The tea leaves give off their taste to hot and cold water for a long time to achieve the perfect taste. "Lyserod" is dry but still soft with a long-lasting taste thanks to the oolong tea combined with the subtle fruity notes of hibiscus and green tea.

Goes with: Aperitif, mixed tapas, snacks

Sparkling Tea
Alcohol content 0,0% vol.
Calories 100ml 32.5kJ / 8kcal
Allergen Information Contains sulphites
Serving temperature 5° C
Producer Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Company
Region Denmark
Grape variety -
Flavor slightly dry
Ingredients Water, green tea (23% Oolong), Herbal (22% Hibiscus), white tea (16% Silver Needle), black tea leaves, grape must, lemon juice, natural aromas, CO2, sulphites