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Carl Jung

Carl Jung - Chardonnay

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No other grape can match Chardonnay in terms of popularity. Our non-alcoholic CARL JUNG Chardonnay from La Mancha has a fruity, slightly tart note, subtle sweetness and a pleasantly long finish. Its soft melt, aromas of citrus and green apple make alcfree wine a delicious aperitif or a full-bodied accompaniment to various dishes.

Goes with: aperitif, fish dishes, salads, poultry, veal

Vegan, White Wine
Alcohol content 0,0% vol.
Calories 100ml 76.6kJ / 18.3kcal
Allergen Information Contains sulphites
Serving temperature 6-8° C
Producer Carl Jung GmbH
Region Germany / Spain
Grape variety Chardonnay
Flavor slightly dry
Ingredients dealcoholized wine, sucrose, carbonic acid, antioxidant: sulfur dioxid